how to turn failure into success and be a better consultant

How Losing a Big Client Made Me a Better Consultant

If you’re looking for ways to become a better consultant, land more clients or find a better job, this article offers ideas on how to turn failure into success. 
Tips on Turning a Loss into a Win  
Several months ago, one of my largest clients hired an in-house marketing expert, so my services as an outsourced marketing consultant were no longer needed. I was delighted we grew the business enough my client needed a full-time marketing professional, but I was also sad I worked myself out of assisting a client I enjoyed so much.

With more than just “a little extra time” on my hands, I started asking myself some tough questions, “What could I have done better?” and “What should I do to improve my skills?”

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation of losing a good job or a key client, asking yourself these two tough questions can help you formulate a plan to move in a better direction. If you want to stay at the “top of your game” all the time, asking yourself these tough questions a couple times a year, is a great way to position yourself for success.